A drive through Nuvali in Summer 2017

Finally got to visit Nuvali after years of being away.  Happy to see much of the same old still there: lots of greens, beautiful South skies, and my all-time favorite: bikers on the road.

Around Nuvali Apr2017 (18)

What I found disarming: the rise of more commercial buildings everywhere, especially along Sta. Rosa road.   On one hand, what a relief for people constructing houses now that hardware stores are easier to come by.  I remember having no choice but to drive all the way to Wilcon Calamba for urgent supplies that the smaller hardware stores didn’t carry back in 2011.

For an area that got people’s attention for its promise of sustainable living, I’m on the fence about the culture of “more is more”, or more specifically, buy, buy, buy.

Around Nuvali Apr2017 (10)

Around Nuvali Apr2017 (12)

Around Nuvali Apr2017 (14)

I saw there’s a new transportation terminal before the Nuvali stoplight:
Around Nuvali Apr2017 (15)

It’s smaller in comparison but seems to be better located. Anyone here care to share their personal experience with this hub and how it compares to the transportation terminal in Nuvali?

Inside Nuvali itself, Solenad 3 is up and running and tbh it’s a really nice mall.  Not boxed in, structures are laid out in organic fashion.   I went on a non-crowded day, so I’m not sure how busy things get on weekends.

Around Nuvali Apr2017 (16)

Just the same, I’m glad there are cinemas in the area now. Back in 2012, I used to cherish visits to my family in Quezon City to have access to decent cinemas and would marathon up to three movies in a row just to make up for lost time!
Around Nuvali Apr2017 (19)

Signs for new villages that weren’t alive yet in 2013:
Around Nuvali Apr2017 (21)

Around Nuvali Apr2017 (22)

Alternative access road to Nuvali Boulevard via Sta. Rosa road next to S&R:
Around Nuvali Apr2017 (23)

Only had a small window to drive through–hopefully can do a more thorough visit next time!
To those who live in Nuvali now, how’s it like? Are you friends with your neighbors? 🙂

Throwback: Au Naturel in Nuvali in 2013

Sometime in 2013, I was asked by Ayala management if I’d be willing to get interviewed for Avida Living Magazine.  They were to write about me and my experience in Nuvali.

I dug up a copy of the piece and am now shamelessly sharing it below.  Kindly indulge me and my 15 minutes of throwback fame.

This came out in Avida Living Magazine in October 2013: Au Naturel by Nicole Sindiong.

MY Nuvali Home Write Up Oct2013

Seda Hotel Nuvali — a quiet dining alternative

Two weeks ago, I got to spend some time at Nuvali’s Seda Hotel. It was my first time inside, and what an interesting discovery it was! The restaurant offered meals below P400, with a fantastic view of the lake and poolside. Good to know there’s now a nice option for quiet lunches or meetings in Nuvali. 🙂

Around Nuvali 2015 (1)

Around Nuvali 2015 (2)

A sunset wedding in Nuvali

Earlier this month, we attended a wedding at St. Benedict’s Church in Ayala Westgrove, with the reception held at Monochrome Events place next to the Nuvali lake.

Around Nuvali 2015 (8)

The last time I visited this was in early 2013 when it was newly opened, and it was nice to see it dressed up for a special event like a wedding.

Was also so happy my precious Nuvali sky didn’t fail to impress: we were greeted by clouds of glorious pinks, yellows and oranges.

Around Nuvali 2015 (6)

Nuvali will always be home. 🙂

Wakeboarding on a Monday holiday

Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (11)
After three years of saying, “I want to wakeboard” in Nuvali, I finally decided to just do it!

We went on the Monday morning of the recent long weekend (thank you, National Heroes Day).

Blessing for the day: slightly overcast sky so we got semi-shielded from the sun. What gave us not-so-happy vibes: the line at the beginner lake was too long! We only got two attempts each, and waited over an hour for each round. Our advice: go early mornings on weekdays. Avoid holidays and weekends (includes Fridays).
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (7)
Just the same, it was AWESOME!

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (3)

Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (4)

And I’m super proud of myself for being able to stand on my first try! I didn’t make it all the way to the end, but I know that with a little more training, it will happen.
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (5)

All smiles despite the “bitin” session — next time we will go on a non-peak day!
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (57)

Fixing up in Nuvali after Glenda

I wasn’t in the country when Typhoon Glenda hit.

Looking at aftermath photos in Avida Settings Nuvali,  I’m glad that there were no incidents in my house apart from a few windows that flung open and plants that fell by the wayside. A report from the same ASN homeowner fun blog (dated July 24, 2014) says that:

The howling winds toppled electric posts causing power outages and peeled roof sheets off the houses. Trees were uprooted along Nuvali boulevard and blocked the roads. No flood were reported within Nuvali.

Inside Avida Settings, some houses had their roof (polycarbonate garage roofing) blown off and the streets were scattered with blown garbages and debris. Green ribbons were littered with tree branches and some trees were even uprooted.

Clearing operations has been on going until now. ASN electricity has been brought back after almost a week. Telephone lines were still under repair.

If you are not living in ASN, we advise you to ask someone to check your property for damages (such as water leaks, stripped paint or broken lamp post).

I finally got to visit Nuvali two weeks ago, August 9th, and saw that clearing operations have been completed inside the village, and most things seemed back to normal.

It was in Solenad 2, however, that I saw cordoned off areas.
Around Nuvali August 2014 (12)

The areas surrounding Bread Talk and Serenitea, as well as Gerry’s Grill and Stoked/Roxy still needed repairs.
Around Nuvali August 2014 (13)

I hope to see these areas fully cleaned out and operational by the time I visit this weekend!

Nuvali and the August sky

There’s something about the sky in the South that is familiar, as if I know it and it knows me. Maybe because I greet it with such enthusiasm every time, in return it greets me with splendor and vastness.

Here’s what coming home to Nuvali in August looked like:

A long dash of white to say hello…
Around Nuvali August 2014 (4)

Soft strips of clouds and the setting sun against My Nuvali Home:
Around Nuvali August 2014 (5)

Wispy lines watching over Solenad 3, with its construction in full swing.
Around Nuvali August 2014 (7)

Around Nuvali August 2014 (14)

Around Nuvali August 2014 (16)

The magic hour saying goodbye with pinks and purples…
Around Nuvali August 2014 (17)

Around Nuvali August 2014 (18)

*     *     *

Other posts that caught me looking up in the past:
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Sunset at Sta. Rosa – Oct. 2010
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Summer greens in Nuvali

Look at what greeted us in Nuvali after a year of being city-based:

Back in My Nuvali Home May2014 (3)
Ligaw na sitaw! This just grew in the wild.

This is our papaya tree out front, now bearing fruit:
Back in My Nuvali Home May2014 (4)

Back in My Nuvali Home May2014 (7)

Perfect for tinola, I’ve been told. This tree was not even an inch high a year ago.

Was also nice to see our ivy slowly making progress in covering our front garden wall…
Back in My Nuvali Home May2014 (10)

…And our passion flower vine climbing all around the trellis:
Back in My Nuvali Home May2014 (9)

The flower of this vine is so lovely. Here’s a pic from last year:

One thing I miss about living in the South is the abundance of fresh flowers. These are my neighbor’s purple blooms by the sidewalk:
Back in My Nuvali Home May2014 (6)

The Green Ribbon is also in much better shape now, although personally I’d still prefer to leave it a little wilder or less manicured.
Around Nuvali May2014 (7)

All in all, Nuvali is getting greener and greener — which is its promise after all. I just hope the management is ready to hire grasscutters round the clock, especially with the coming rainy season!

Shuttles in and out of Nuvali

Saw these signs around Solenad last week. Have any of you gone on the Nuvali-BGC express shuttle? How was it?

Around Nuvali May2014 (9)

You’ll notice that the shuttle within Nuvali goes all the way from Solenad 1 to Avida Village in Nuvali South.  No listed schedules though.  Next time, I’ll ask how often these vans pass through these stops.

Around Nuvali May2014 (11)

Around Nuvali May2014 (10)

One interesting thing I noticed were bike racks in Solenad 2, beside Robinson’s Supermarket and near the Terminal.  Great option for everyday commuters to Makati/BGC who want to bike from their houses in Nuvali, leave their bikes for the day, and have a ready means of transport to head back home at the end of the day.

Around Nuvali May2014 (15)

It’s just unfortunate that the parking area for bikes is uncovered, but it’s still a great new feature in the community!

Have you updated your 2014 Nuvali stickers?

Around Nuvali April2014 (58)

Saw this while visiting Nuvali last Holy Week.

Residents can apply for stickers at our respective administration offices.  🙂

On another note, 2014 is going by quickly!  We just hit May two days ago — before we know it, summer will be over and we will need to prepare for the everyday rains again.  In the meantime, I hope I get to squeeze in some biking this month.  Will be spending a couple of weekends in Nuvali again…I can’t wait!