let us be disturbed: the earth is dying

I saw Inconvenient Truth last Tuesday, and still I’m hung over the news that the earth can literally die within our lifetime..

Nothing “new” about it actually– it’s common sense that nothing lasts forever, plus we’ve been told several times in college that we are quickly using up our non-renewable resources: air, water, land.

But that documentary hit me hard. When I quit government this year, a part of me really died– I just stopped thinking of bigger things. Things people would call “idealistic” (oh how I hate that label). All the frustration, and the overarching question whether one person can really make a difference– they just hit boiling point and I resigned to the idea that maybe there’s no point in pushing in that direction anymore..

Now here’s Al Gore, politician, man of power and considerable clout (even I admit to watching the film because of his direct hand in it)– making such an impassioned and personal statement: I want to save the earth. Will you stop and listen to what he has to say? The fact that he urges Americans not to buy American cars makes him more credible to me in an instant (I know squat about American politics)..


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