Yumm fresh milk at Mr. Moo’s

I first heard of Mr. Moo’s when a friend pointed it out on the way to Punta Fuego last year. She said her dad just looooves their fresh carabao’s milk.

Early this year, finally decided to give it a shot– and I regret not having given in sooner! The chocolate carabao’s milk was exactly like the one we used to buy at the gas station near UP Los Banos as kids. Totally had a ratatouille moment when I had my first sip. Haaaaayyy.

Packaging is cute in rounded plastic containers, which the salesboy will cover with ice and newspaper if you’re ordering for take out.

Available are fresh cow, carabao, and goat products: (milk in 200ml and 1L), pastillas, kesong puti, ricotta cheese, yoghurt, soap. Also soy milk, tiny pan de sal. Wholesale prices available for orders of 10 pieces or more.
Mr. Moo’s can be found on either side of the Sta.Rosa-Tagaytay road. If going to Tagaytay, you’ll see it on your right after the road access to Lagusan Drive and before Casa Marcosa and the Tagaytay City Palengke. If Manila-bound, you’ll see it on your right a few meters past Leslie’s Too. See map.