MIT course on Hurricane Katrina

Stumbled upon a great treasure chest the other day: Open courseware of MIT lectures FOR FREE!!! Imagine having access to some of the best and most innovative classes on anything from Aeronautics and Astronautics to Architecture to Civil and Environmental Engineering!

Here’s one that might be of use to us in the rebuilding efforts post-Ondoy and Pepeng: Katrina Practicum (Spring 2006), a course offered by the Urban Studies and Planning department.

Course description says:

In the wake of Katrina the entire gulf coast is embroiled in a struggle over what constitutes “appropriate” rebuilding and redevelopment efforts. This practicum will engage students in a set of work groups designed to assist local community based institutions and people in shaping the policy and practices that will guide the redevelopment and rebuilding efforts in the city of New Orleans.

View lecture notes, course syllabus, and other materials here.


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