manilarat turns green

I started a green blog last year as a response to the stirrings I began to feel inside– a need to declutter, to simplify, to stay still and let go of excesses, and to be practical about it. I wrote:

Early September 2009, I sat through a movie that changed my life: Home, a quiet documentary on the state of the Earth by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Couldn’t get Glenn Close’s voice out of my head: faster and faster we humans moved from the reign of agriculture to the industrial age. Faster and faster our cities grew, with mega-buildings hailing the triumph of human intelligence and resourcefulness. Faster and faster we used up the pockets of sunlight deep inside the earth, and faster and faster our earth lost its resources–it is now dying.

My brother told me the Earth won’t really die– it will continue in whatever form it takes to survive. Whether we humans survive this new form or transition is another matter.

My big resounding story now, especially given the parallel shift inside to live, think, and act more simply, is to move towards simplifying my everyday environment. In other words, I wanna green! I wanna greenify!

That blog is now the new green section of manilarat, a catch basin for whatever information I find on going green or living greener everydays.  Also hope to share it with whoever is on the same journey.   Info is filtered for the Filipino,  relevant most to those living in Metro Manila.

Would be glad for any tips or insights from you–please don’t be shy to send me an email or use and abuse the comment forms on every post :)

Let’s do our part and create new habits that will manifest our greener selves!


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