seminar and field trip to a biodynamic farm in lubao, pampanga

NOTE: This site got hacked last month and boo that my back-up didn’t include the latest 4 posts (lesson learned: back-up everyday!).  I’m resurrecting this first of four posts (original publish date: January 2010) from loose emails and saved drafts.

I really want to go visit this biodynamic farm owned by the Gutierrez family in Lubao, Pampanga.

My friend Cris sent me pictures taken by Issa Manalo Lopez on a recent visit– REALLY interesting what they’ve done there.. and they integrated a Waldorf school into the farm. so cool!


More pics of the farm, the school, and the food (yumm!) on Issa’s page.

Info on the seminar below:

Managing Abundance! A Forum on the Living Ideas of Bio-dynamic Agriculture

Learn how Bio-dynamic practices keep Nature in balance!
Get practical suggestions and tips from farmers themselves on keeping farms sustainable!

ISIP Philippines and the Philippine Bio-dynamic Agriculture Research Foundation (PhilBio) presents
A Forum on the Living Ideas of Bio-dynamic Agriculture
Feb 26 at ISIP Makati
Forum fee: P1,000 including lunch

Optional field trip, PRACTICAL ABUNDANCE!, Feb 27, to Prado Farms, Lubao, Pampanga (see )

What is Bio-dynamic Agriculture?
Bio-dynamic Agriculture revitalizes the life forces of the soil, stimulating root growth, microorganism production, and humus formation. Fundamental to the method are the activating sprays and soil starter preparations derived from cow manure, herbs and mineral substances applied to soil and plants. BD soils absorb and hold back large amounts of water, and assist in lessening the severity of floods.

Topics include:
• What Bio-dynamic farming is and how it heals the earth
• Beyond Organic: Farms transitioning from traditional to bio-dynamic
• Positive impact of BD practices on the community and environment
• Case studies and panel discussions from farmers on what works and what doesn’t
• Thinking Locally: How to make Bio-dynamic Preparations for Philippine farms

The Forum is for
• Farm or lot owners who wish to introduce the bio-dynamic agricultural process in their lands and know more about the benefits of the system
• Farmers who want to learn about implementation of the bio-dynamic process
• Agricultural students, professors, and NGO professionals that wish to learn more about bio-dynamic farming
• Anyone that wants to know more about this earth-friendly alternative of food production

For reservations, inquiries and full forum program:
Call 899 4675, text 0920 983 1329 or email
Web site:
Facebook: Look up ‘ISIP Manila’

Pass on this email to your contacts! Farm owners, agricultural colleges, farming associations and cooperatives, and relevant e-groups …Thank you!


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