back to tagaytay favorites– bawais and chateau hestia

For my dad’s 65th and my kuya’s 31st birthdays, we trooped to our favorite places in Tagaytay– Bawai’s and next door Chateau Hestia, deep in the residential rows of Lagusan Drive.

Bawai’s is a Vietnamese restaurant, lutong-bahay style, and is owned by the Tatlonghari family. The word “Bawai” is actually grandmother in Vietnamese, and whenever we come here, we do feel like we’re just dining in a friend’s home!

They set up our table for 26 quite nicely.. :)

bawais table for 25

After all the appetizers, I had this dry noodle bowl with beef slivers… really yummy, and only costs P195!

bawais dry noodles with beef slivers

They also introduced rice dishes to the menu, here’s one with pork chops and omelet:

bawais pork chop

We took a stroll to Chateau Hestia next door…


…where they have a spanky new function room ready for use!

chateau hestia new function room

chateau hestia new function room1

Nice high ceiling with lots of light coming in… beautiful modern garden kubo!

chateau hestia new function room2

The cozy garden still enchants, and still makes me want to have my own garden someday…

chateau hestia garden

chateau hestia garden2

It leads to the main restaurant on the ground floor…

chateau hestia garden1

chateau hestia

Where they sell homemade limoncello (it’s good! and strong!) for around P800 a bottle I think..

chateau hestia limoncello

…and dense freshly baked bread…

chateau hestia bread

Happy birthday Papa and Kuy!  Was a lovely weekend with you and our happy noisy family! :)