Open-concept kitchen, living and dining

I love space and flow and seamlessness.

I notice it in my art (I never think a work is finished), writing (I prefer ellipses to periods), even relationships (I find it almost impossible to compartmentalize or be a different person to each of my social circles–colleagues, family, sports friends, etc.).

Always, there’s one big flow, all-encompassing, all-embracing.

Naturally this also comes into play in designing my dream home.

One of the ideas I would love to have in my house is the open-concept living-dining-kitchen area, like in this modern home in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

The house was designed by architect Marcio Kogan, whose film making background shows in his clever use of planes:

By keeping the front and back gardens at the same elevation as the living area, Kogan created one giant living space. A large overhang means that even on a rainy day, the Cósers can live practically without walls.

I absolutely love, love, love this “wide, low-slung window”  that can serve as an extended dining or serving table overlooking the deck:

Saws owner Reinaldo Coser: “This house has actually changed the rhythm of our lives. We eat at home more. We go to bed earlier. We wake up earlier. We sleep more.”

Amazing that this was all done on a 603 square meter (6,500 sq ft) property!  And on a budget (daw) at that!

To keep costs low, the architect eschewed marble and ebony in favor of raw concrete, unfinished gesso, and cumaru (a cheap local wood also known as Brazilian teak). All three inexpensive, low-maintenance materials bring a rich tactility to the home’s surface. They also mean big savings on upkeep in a city with heavy pollution, blistering sun, and fierce tropical downpours.

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Read the full article: São Paulo, Brazil.

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