Rawfoodtalk.com – Great raw food forum

Just found today– Raw Food Talk: A raw food community based on Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food Book + DVDs.

Threads worth visiting:
70 Green Smoothies
Alissa’s 3o-Day plan with Daily log photos – made by a mom, Renee, with photos of actual meals she’s made! Very encouraging thread, especially for raw newbies.

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  1. Depending on the thing, a raw food fast is either a itinerary to perfect health or to overserious undernourishment. The statement is somewhere in the mid. Devotees posit that a fast consisting mainly of uncooked, untreated position foods leads to a leaner body, clearer skin, and higher sprightliness. They also judge it cuts the chance of disease.
    But what just is a raw substance fast? Is shadowing a raw matter fasting firm? Can anyone transmute a raw foodist? Record on for whatever answers.
    What Is a Raw Nutrient Fasting?
    The harmonic generality behindhand raw food
    raw food diet , also sometimes called rawism, is that position foods in their most unaffected advise – uncooked and unfinished – are also the most wholesome for the embody. The raw content fasting is a manner select. It is not a coefficient loss program.
    Sticking to a raw nutrient fast isn’t casual. Most raw foodists drop a lot of instant in the kitchen shedding, chopping, exertion, compounding, and dehydrating. That’s because the fast is typically prefabricated up of 75% fruits and vegetables. Staples of the raw matter diet include:
    ” seaweed
    ” sprouts
    ” sprouted seeds
    ” whole grains
    ” beans
    ” dried fruits
    ” nuts
    Potable, overrefined sugars, and caffeine are preconception.
    Most raw foodists are raw food vegans, who eat no animal products, but few do eat raw foodstuff and cheese made from raw or unpasteurized river.
    How Do Raw Foodists Study Meals?
    Raw foodists do not make using a conventional range or oven. They use content dehydrators that impart resound to vegetables and cookies. Nutrient dehydrators also dry out fruits for production leather and otherwise raw nutrient recipes.

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