“The newest and most innovative wake park in the world” coming in Nuvali!

Republic Wake Park Nuvali
And there’s a wave pool, woohoo!!!

Republic Wake Park Nuvali is primed as “the newest and most innovative wake park in the world”– and it’ll be right in our backyard!
Republic Wake Park Nuvali

Good or bad for Nuvali residents? At least we’ll have easy access to a world-class sports facility that other people will still have to travel to…  🙂

This is wakepark#2 for the Villafuertes, who first put up CWC or CamSur Wakeboarding Complex in Bicol. As “the first world-class watersports complex in the Philippines and in Asia,” CWC has definitely succeeded in putting CamSur on the global adventure sports and tourism map:

CWC aims to bring cable skiing to a whole new level and attract watersports enthusiasts from all over the world with its top of the line facilities and relaxing environment. This six (6)-hectare complex, with its 6-point cable ski system, is sure to draw guests, riders and spectators by the thousands. Because of good weather conditions, cable skiing in the park can be done all year round.

Republic Wake Park Nuvali, on the other hand, will occupy part of a 50-hectare land-water-air sports and recreation area in the southern part of Nuvali intended to encourage an active lifestyle for its residents (and pretty much to draw in the crowd). Apart from the Wake Park, it will also have a Skate Park and Wave Rider.

Coming just in time for summer, YEY!

Edit as of August 2011:  Republic Wakepark is opening its doors on October 26, 2011. Here’s the announcement from the Republic Wakepark Facebook Page:  

Heads-up, guys: REPUBL1C WAKEPARK, NUVALI will officially open on OCTOBER 26th, 2011. The Philippine Wakeboard Nationals will also be on October 26th-29th at REPUBL1C WAKEPARK, NUVALI. We would like to apologize for the delay of the opening due to the delay of construction brought by the recent typhoons. We will be announcing REPUBL1C WAKEPARK’s Yearly & Monthly Rates by end of August.

Thanks to mach000 for posting the video link on skyscrapercity.

For those who want to make sure they’re first to get updates, keep checking Republic Wake Park’s website: republ1cwakepark.com and facebook group. Not much info now, but more to come for sure.

20 Replies to ““The newest and most innovative wake park in the world” coming in Nuvali!”

    1. hi john, no go for may, but there’s a competition set for august, so for sure they will open before then!

  1. I’ve been to the site just recently disappointed with what I saw. parang hininto yung paggawa hukay lang nakita ko parang fish fond hahaha.

    1. There have been delays in delivery– new launch date has been set to end of 2011.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!  On one hand, maybe the wake park is waiting for me to move in too, para sabay kami sa Nov-Dec, hehe!

  2. great, another adventure for me and my friends.  its near westgrove where my brother lives. if they will transfer to montecito, it will be their neighbor. hehehe

    1. Is your brother considering making the move?  Westgrove is a beautiful community too, I wonder what would motivate the move…? 🙂

      From Montecito, the wakepark is still a bike ride away, but you’re right, it’s going to be quite an adventure living so near it!

  3. been there last wk Nov 5 2011, and all I see is a vacant place with some earth movers, pipes and some dump trucks. construction ongoing  maybe just started slow. haha

  4. Is the wake park officially open?because i asked someone from nuvali that the wake park is still under construction but according to its web page it officially opened last october.can you shed some light on this matter.thanks

    1. Wakepark was meant to open last summer, but it was moved to Aug, then Oct. I think there have been construction delays, and expected opening is now end of November. Still no assurances though, best to contact Republic Wakepark for official announcements. 🙂 they have a facebook page, will share the link later. “Sent via BlackBerry from Smart”

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