Vegetable juicing (research)

carrot sticks for my hummus
Read today that carrot juice is the best vegetable juice for daily consumption.  We swayed against juicing carrots a long time ago because they stained our juicer, but I guess we’ll have to love those orange stains from now on!

More info on juicing from

Juicing – short intro to juicing
Vegetable juices – lists different pros and cons of each vegetable in relation to juicing
Fruit juices – lists pros and cons for fruits
10 Biggest Rules of Juicing from – good basic tips, like using a hand juicer for citrus (an auto juicer will also juice the seeds–a big no no!)

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  1. Freshly squeezed carrot juice are the best, especially in the morning. I have included this as part of my daily diet and would drink one at least once a day. Its good for your health and with its nutrients, i noticed that my skin improved a lot as well.

    1. I don’t have a juicer in my apartment so I make do with a green smoothie everyday– really healthy too! Just put in leafy greens, bananas (latondan is the best), and a bit of water, and voila, you have a very healthy yummy drink with live enzymes everyday 🙂

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