Tropical alternative to sun rooms?

Who wouldn’t want something like this at home?

(Image from

Lots of light coming in, just happiness all around… it’s like having a permanent sunflower for a living space.

I’ve been trying to come up with a tropical version of these glassed sun rooms for the back part of my Nuvali house, given two additional constraints:

  • must let the air in without having to open windows
  • must use a cheaper material than glass

Have explored various roofing and window options, but the best I’ve come up with it this: opaque roofing (similar to garage/carport roofing, still undecided on the material) with screened grills at the tips that enclose the whole area and keep the bugs out.

Visited a friend’s home in Paranaque last Saturday and was surprised to see that her patio uses this exact set-up!

screened and grilled patio

screened and grilled patio
She said they eventually put plywood on top of the trellis to keep the sun out.  The original clear roofing got lots of light in, but it also made the patio too warm on some days.

Interesting!  Definitely much cheaper than using wraparound glass windows and doors, and the screened ends will make sure I get the tropical breeze in.

What do you think? 🙂

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