Yummy raw food feast and demo in the South

What a way to get back to healthy eating–a fantastic raw food dinner buffet with friends and new friends!

Last Saturday was the sequel to Platter Penny, a Raw Dinner-Demo-Fundraiser for Bahay Kalipay scholars, and I decidedly drove all the way to Paranaque to start eating healthily again.

The week before, Daniw, one of the Platter Penny “non-cooks”, sent us the detailed menu for the night, and I got hungry just from reading it!

Menu for Platter Penny Goes South

DRINK: Cooling ginger lemonade

APPETIZER/S: Turnip rice vegetable nori rolls with teriyaki-miso sauce, Baba Ganoush

SOUP: miso soup

SALAD: oriental salad with sweet tahini sauce

raw pasta marinara with non-meatballs

DESSERT: banana citrus parfait with coconut-chia cream topped with raw chocolate mousse and nuts

Daniw of Bahay Kalipay and Asha of Dahon Kusina are two lovely advocates of raw food in the Philippines, and last Saturday, they took turns giving us a demo on how to make raw veggie nori rolls and raw miso soup (it’s just assembly!).
raw food - demo

The dish uses toasted nori paper, so it’s still 5% “cooked”, but wow, imagine getting kids to eat veggies with this dish! 🙂
raw food - veggie nori rolls

Avocado is not in season now (boo!), so this tabouli was made with mangoes instead:
raw food - tabbouleh

I loved loved loved the choco-avocado mousse in this banana-citrus parfait!raw food - dessert

…and was so happy they put in one more dessert as a surprise– dehydrated oatmeal raisin cookies:

raw food - dehyrated cookies

But for sure, the winner for the night was the raw cucumber pasta with marinara and non-meatballs (they’re made of banana blossoms or puso ng saging and saging na saba!) Sooooo unexpectedly yumm.
raw food - cucumber pasta
raw food - "meat"balls made of puso ng saging!

raw food - my dinner plate

That was my dinner plate above, where you can see the marinara pasta complete with raw cashew cheese. Was soooo good, and yes, the healthiest marinara I’ve ever had!

After a week of eating sambal, satay, mee and curry in Malaysia, and weeks of meat and junk food binging before that, must say I’m happy to be back on my green smoothie habit every morning.  Immediate effect: got to sleep soundly at 10pm last night.

Hurrah for healthy eating and living. 🙂

* * *
Platter Penny is a Raw Dinner-Fundraiser for Bahay Kalipay scholars that was started by Daniw and Asha last September in Creative Space, Pasig. It moved on to Platter Penny 2 (Platter Penny goes South) last Saturday, November 6, 2010, in Tahanan Village, Paranaque, which was a huge success, with about 30 people feasting on raw food for the first time. Most heard line of the night: “It’s sooooo good!”, probably followed by the quiet doubt: “Is it really raw?”

Daniw and Asha are continuously holding raw food workshops and events, with the next ones scheduled on November 13 in Pasig and November 27 and 28 in Visayas Ave., Manila:

* BE-Leaf 2: UNFURL the Power of Plants raw food preparation workshop, November 13, 3:30-6:30 p.m.

* I Love it Raw! A 2-day Raw Food Preparation Workshop, November 27 and 28.  Contact Daniw at 09081391139 for details.

For more information, you can also visit:

Bahay Kalipay
Bahay Kalipay on facebook
Dahon Kusina, Creative Space’s leaf kitchen-canteen that serves raw vegan, organic and vegetarian meals to its preschool/grade school children every day  (facebook fan page)
Bahay Kalipay’s first feeding program and library launch (facebook album)

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  1. I like that follow-up part, following it’s so good – “is it really raw?” You can almost hear wheels turning in minds. Thank you for writing such a sweet article.

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