E-taxicle in Nuvali

Spotted in Avida Settings two days ago:

E-transport for Nuvali residents

E-SaVe Transport Systems, Inc. is “a 100% Filipino owned, Partner Company of Manila Autogas”:

We design, manufacture and market electric vehicles that are eco-friendly, viable, and sustainable. Our Vision is to be a globally competitive manufacturer of electric vehicles.

Looking at the the E-Save transport product line, I’m guessing this one’s an E-save tricycle, a.k.a. an e-taxicle:

Benefits of the E-Save Tricycle

* Eco-Friendly
o We say “ZENN”!
o Zero Emissions. Will not pollute the air.
o No Noise. Will not add irritating noise pollution either.
* Viable
o Bigger capacity compared to regular tricycles allows for extra passengers. This translates to added income per trip.
o The “Advertising Fin” also has potential for marketing income.
o Recharging costs is 33% that of regular tricycle refueling.
* Sustainable
o Allows easy maintenance and quick battery service.

E-transport for Nuvali residents

Glad to see Nuvali’s not too loyal to all things green and also embraces the spirit of the true blue! ;p

A quick search shows that Ateneo de Manila University, through the Ateneo Environmental Management Coalition, started using E-trikes on campus in December 2009:

1. Pilot Run: 7 Dec – 18 Dec 2009 and from 6 Jan – 22 Jan 2010, Mondays to Fridays, from 6am – 8pm, maximum of 3 passengers per trip.

2. Fares: 7.50 pesos each with companion and 15.00 pesos for special/single

3. The e-Trikes will only operate within the Ateneo de Manila University campus.

4. Terminals will be the same as the regular tricycles.

5. December 7, Monday, first day, FREE RIDES ALL DAY FOR EVERYBODY!

Pictures of the launch on the Ateneo E-trike facebook page show the same blue taxicle I saw in Nuvali last Wednesday–

Donated perhaps? Weaving through old wall posts, can assume the Ateneo E-trike campaign didn’t make it past evaluation stage– wonder why… and wonder what we in Nuvali can learn from their experience.

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