Modern and mexican – do they go together?

Visited my friend Crisi’s house in Ponderosa recently, and really decided that by hook or by crook I will have those vibrant Mexican colors infused into my supposedly modern contemporary home!

Look at these tiled staircases, so warm and homey:

(Image from flickr)

Crisi suggested I just have concrete stairs made with wooden planks on top, then stencil and paint the vertical side with latex paint. Sounds like a plan 🙂

Other tile patterns:

(Image from istockphoto)

8 Replies to “Modern and mexican – do they go together?”

    1. And the indoor-outdoor feel 🙂 I like how they seem to blur the divisions and create inviting living spaces that are multi-purpose.

  1. Hi! Where did your friend Crisi buy her mexican tiles? I heard that the colors of Machuca tiles tend to fade when exposed to water.

    1. Hi Dom, images above are from istockphoto.  
      As far as I know, machucas or any cement tile made in the same tradition shouldn’t fade because the dye is mixed in with the cement (vs. applied on the surface).   An alternative to Machucas are Malaga tiles, which were what I got.  Their shop is along the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay road.  Pics and more info here:

  2. Hi, where can I buy Mexican tiles? I’ve been searching everywhere because I want to put it in my kitchen but Wilcon doesnt have it.

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