My Nuvali moodboard

OB-cuatro (for jo)

Got this inspiring collage from a great interior designer and one of my bestest friends, Claudine. She called it a moodboard, which I’m assuming is design lingo for something that sets the design aesthetics (mood!) of a house.

Great way to brainstorm and refresh one’s design palette, don’t you think?

I’ve started organizing individual moodboards for each of the rooms/areas for my house (listed below).  Will share them when ready. 🙂


  • garage and front porch
  • open plan kitchen-living-dining
  • kitchen details
  • dining room details
  • living room details
  • garden
  • screened patio
  • powder room


  • master’s bedroom
  • master’s bathroom
  • walk-in closet
  • spare bedroom
  • hallway


  • roofdeck
  • rooftop garden
  • utility area
  • windows
  • flooring

4 Replies to “My Nuvali moodboard”

  1. this is a great idea! my turnoer (not nuvali, but another ayala project in pasig) is 1st quarter of next year and I haven’t even started thinking about the interiors! Mood boards are a great way to start it off noh?

    1. Wow did you get a unit in Ametta Place? Visited it last Tuesday– great vibe, feels very put together 🙂 Good size on the units too– maybe you can try to do vertical gardening for your pocket garden.

      You still have a good year to draw up your mood boards… it’ll be very time-consuming I’m sure, but also exciting! My brother insists I take it a notch higher and use Google sketchup to visualize each of my rooms… maybe maybe 🙂

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