SIMPLY RAW (a raw food workshop) on Feb5

Simply Raw (a raw food workshop)

Looking for a healthier diet? Here’s a workshop to help you get started, from raw food advocate, Asha Peri:

Join me at SIMPLY RAW – a raw food preparation workshop at Dahon Kusina on February 5 from 3-6:30 p.m. Special participation of Emporium Antipolo, supplier of local organic produce. For inquiries, contact Asha at 09178611212 or Sheila at 9160391.:)

Simply Raw (a raw food workshop)

Simply Raw (a raw food workshop)

Together with Daniw of Bahay Kalipay, Asha is truly one of my raw food idols.  These two women are tireless in pushing for a healthy, raw food diet that uses local and accessible ingredients.   I attended one of their yummy raw food dinner buffets last November, and was just blown away by the different ways they prepared healthy raw food!

It’s said that everyone who is introduced to the raw food alternative knows it is good for him; the hard part is HOW to start it.  Most internet recipes call for ingredients that are not available in the Philippines, so it is especially encouraging that we now have Filipino raw recipes to recreate at home. 🙂

Upcoming RAW FOOD workshops in Dahon Kusina:
February 5 – SIMPLY RAW (Pasig)
February 13 – yIN LOVE LOVE WITH RAW (yin yoga & raw food-Makati)
February 26 – Dance or DESSERT (part 2-Pasig)
Call 09178611212 (Asha) or 9160391 (Sheila) to inquire.

Visit the Dahon Kusina facebook page for details.

Also check out the pics of the first Dance or Dessert workshop–Isn’t it amazing that these banana-tahini sandwiches dipped in choco-coco-orange fudge are actually good for you? And they’re so simple to make!

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