traffic in Nuvali

No more left turns to Nuvali from the Sta.Rosa-Tagaytay Road– everyone going to Nuvali now turns right on the Mamplasan road…
Nuvali roads

…then makes a U-turn back towards the Nuvali main entrance.Nuvali roads

This was implemented to address the growing volume of cars entering Nuvali, but has actually caused more traffic on the two-lane “highway”, to the great chagrin of motorists, especially those just passing through and with no agenda in Nuvali and its commercial and retail areas. The Skyscrapercity Nuvali thread, for example, has Sta. Rosa stakeholders (current residents, Nuvali would-be residents and investors) holding the Ayalas accountable as developers with poor planning and foresight.

With the construction of more retail areas and attractions within Nuvali itself (Robinson’s supermarket, True Value and a slew of restaurants in Solenad 2, the Fields, the Republic Wake Park), traffic is only bound to increase, and something else must be done asap to alleviate this bottleneck. Top off head, there’s road expansion with a dedicated left-turning lane to Nuvali or maybe a rotonda.  Great too if Mamplasan could just be made open to the public.  Alternative entrances to Nuvali can also be explored via adjacent Greenfield roads or Silangan exit.  Shuttle services from Paseo to Nuvali and back.

Wikipedia lists the typical bottleneck solutions, most of which go by the seemingly simple guideline: “Congestion can be reduced by either increasing road capacity (supply), or by reducing traffic (demand).”  The US Department of Transportation also collated successful efforts to combat traffic bottlenecks throughout the US, but cautions that “there are very few ‘cookie cutter’ solutions to everyday traffic problems. Differences in volumes, right of way, design, funding, and many other variables help decide what measures are best for which locations.”

Any solutions for the Nuvali intersection you can think of?

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  1. Hello… I am an owner, as well, of a property in Avida Settings Nuvali… I was wondering if you have any idea, or have some way of posting its whole (all phases) site development? We have been looking for it all over the internet but only found the plan for phase 1. Would really appreciate it! Thanks.

    1. Hi Chian, I have printed maps of the phases, but they’re A3 size so hard to scan… I can try taking a pic of them if you like? Which specific phase are you interested in?

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