Urban gardening exhibit with native Pinoy plants

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Lots of great lectures and workshops for Pinoy gardeners at the Manila Seedling Bank until Feb. 7:


The Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society Inc. (PNPCSI) invites everyone to be part of HORTICULTURE 2011 with theme “Urban gardens featuring native plants”. The event is situated at Manila Seedling Bank, EDSA cor. Quezon Ave on Jan 29-Feb7.

Visit exhibit booths which showcase several landscapes that utilize native plants. The PNPCSI booth in particular (no. 11) demonstrates a landscape containing 100% indigenous species. Lectures and workshop are also provided which might interest you.

Got this from my friend Lorie with the note: “perfect place for you to find your garden plants!” 🙂  Lorie is a master botanist and my ever supportive gardening/farming consultant.

Definitely a must visit for those looking to start gardening in the Philippine setting– most resources I’ve found online have references to “winter gardens” and “planting strawberries”, which although inspiring, still leave anyone living in a tropical climate frustrated to no end.

Let’s make time for this! I’m especially interested in the lectures on Zero Waste Gardening and Vegetable Urban Garden, plus the workshop on Basic Gardening:

PNPCSI Lectures:
Jan 30 10am Philippine Medinilla Fernando Aurigue
Feb 1 2pm Native Trees for Landscaping Arch. Patrick Gozon
Feb 3 2pm Philippine Ferns Anthony Arbias
Feb 4 2pm The Wildlife Act Norby Bautista
Feb 5 10am Philippine Begonias: Megadiversity under threat Dr. Rosario Rubite

Other Lectures:
Jan 29 10am Native Aroids Dr. Melanie Medecilo
2pm Flower Arranging World Flower Council
Jan 30 2pm Morimono/Saikei Fely Gupit
Feb 1 10am Zero Waste Gardening Norma Villanueva
Feb 2 10am Philippine Hoyas May Tolentino
2pm Intro to Phil. Pitcher Plants Wally Suarez
Feb 3 10am FernSpore Propagation/ Arch.Wendy Regalado
Feb 4 10am Vegetable Urban Garden David Balilia
Feb 5 2pm Asplenium Ferns Vangie Go

Feb 6 10am Basic Gardening Jorge Sahagun
2pm Indoor Gardening Serapion Metilla

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  1. The PNPCSI booth wasn’t made up entirely of Philippine native plants, as there was a stray Dorstenia elata on one of the potted plants. This is native to Brazil- then again I am pretty certain that they weren’t aware of that.

  2. Lately I became very interested in growing plants but I can’t find sources online that is local. So I created a forum for Filipinos who are into gardening:


    Please help me grow the community. Feel free to signup and post. Thanks.

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