Visual updates on Nuvali

Random shots taken while driving around Nuvali last week:

Nuvali roads

Nuvali Boulevard looks like it’s being widened with the addition of two new lanes.   Once completed, the main thoroughfare in Nuvali will have four lanes, halfway through its eight-lane promise.

The widening already stretches to as far as the gate of Santierra.  🙂

Nuvali roads

Already visible from the main Nuvali Boulevard is “The Fields”, a temporary site for outdoor sports,  with three football fields, two baseball fields, three volleyball courts, a bike park, and an area for remote-controlled games and kite-flying.

Nuvali roads

The whole area sits on the designated future commercial district of Nuvali, and has played host to a number of sports events since it was launched last November 2010.

I just learned that the Philippine Ultimate (Frisbee) Association is looking to hold its upcoming New Year League at Nuvali’s The Fields.  I remember making the weekly Sunday drive from Quezon City to Alabang back when I used to play disc, and I always thought it was worth it for the wide open spaces of Alabang Country Club.  Nuvali is another 15-20 minutes from Alabang, but wowoweee, the spaces here are much much wider and much more open!

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