A peek into green Antipolo

Enjoyed looking at these lovely Antipolo places with so much heart! :)They’re from the album, “This is the Beauty of our Neighborhood“, by Kristine Garcia, who supplies organic produce via Emporium Antipolo.  Met her at a very successful raw food workshop at Leaf Kitchen last Saturday.

She says:

There are actually three Antipolo destinations shown in these photos: Vieux Chalet, Pinto Garden Museum, & LAYA. Also in this album, we intend to show more places that you ought to check out in Antipolo.

Emporium Antipolo is an organic shop which operates as a homestore: we supply organic food provisions, basic commodities and other local, eco-friendly & healthy stuff.
You can see in the photos above a bunch of green-minded people who are working (together with more green-minded pals) to make Antipolo an Art & Wellness destination.

Seeing pics like these makes me think back to when Antipolo was on my shortlist for where to set up my home…  The south and Tagaytay eventually won over Antipolo for the breezy weather, but wow, now that I’m seeing lots of young artist-entrepreneurs in the Antipolo neighborhood, I’m feeling a tinge of regret that I didn’t give Antipolo a deeper look!  And just look at those mudhouses in Pinto — exactly how i want my home to feel like– alive, organic, free form, with real traces that it was made by people’s hands… haaaay… :)

Join Kristine in her green adventures through Emporium Antipolo’s facebook photos, where each album feels like a storybook! I love how she makes going organic so charming–just like her physical workspace below, which also sometimes serves as her daughter Katie’s playground:

Made with so much love. 🙂

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