Nuvali community–a birthing


There’s an active thread on Nuvali on, which has effectively attracted investors, residents, and practically anyone with a stake in Nuvali (whether current or future).  It’s a great resource for community building, and also a testament that the Nuvali vision of creating a new city is already unfolding: like-minded people are banding together and participating even before moving into that space.

A recent request was made by doodz (thank you!)  for ideas to be suggested to Ayala management during an FGD, and the response was just overwhelming!  Will consolidate and save them for another post, but suffice it to say that the Nuvali community is ready to engage.  Yay.

It’s also been quite a joy to feel as if I’m already making friends with my future neighbors.

What makes a place truly home?



If you’re reading this, then it means you are part of Nuvali, whether by chance or choice.  Get involved now: Nuvali thread 1 Nuvali thread 2
Nuvali Community facebook page
Nuvali Community on yahoogroups

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    1. Hehe, we all rock! 😛

      Thanks again for starting the fb page and for linking to my blog. Very exciting to be part of Nuvali right at the beginning.

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