On fabric and prints

Weather in Manila has been literally heating up with temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees. Whew. I find myself craving for halo-halo, mango shakes and ice cream more often.  Its also led to me take a second look at my wardrobe. What should I wear in this heat? It should be something comfortable and loose. Something happy and cheery because summer should always be fun. Plus, it should definitely be clothes using cotton.

Clothes made of 100 percent cotton are perfect for our tropical weather.  Its the best textile because its soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and a renewable source. Below are just some of the stylish textile prints that I’m loving right now in 100 percent cotton fabric not just for the summer but for the whole year round:

I have a friend that loves paisley prints and buys it in various shades.

What is your favorite print?