Antipolo Earth Fest 2011 this weekend

Antipolo Earth Fest 2011

Really excited to go to this green party!

The Antipolo EarthFest 2011
will be a weekend-long celebration of our dear Mother Earth
through arts, music, wellness and wholeness.

It will be a gathering of like-minded people and groups who are willing to share with others
their time and energies, passions and advocacy, skills, wisdom and knowledge on environmental issues
and most importantly, solutions and ways to help build a more environmentally-aware and Earth-conscious lifestyle.

Look forward to the workshops, the green booths at the marketplace and delight of delights, will finally get to visit Pinto Gallery. Yay. Organizer Irene also says Cynthia Alexander will be playing at 2pm onwards on Sunday. 🙂

The Antipolo Earth Fest blog lists the following participants so far:

Clayton Horton of Greenpath Yoga
will be honoring us with his presence and doing a couple of yoga and meditation workshops for the weekend
Bhairavi Nihiltantra & Jim Tantranuevo
will be sharing with us their passion and wisdom about Tantra Yoga, Traditional Tribal Music, Culture & Chanting, and more!
Djotay Soluta from Bahay Kalipay
will be sharing with us his Healing Music and doing a Sound Healing workshop for us
The very kind folks at SugarLeaf will be joining us that weekend for a special Earth Talk on Healthy Living & Foods That Nourish and will also be selling organic products & superfoods!
WWF Philippines
WWF Philippines will be setting up a booth to educate and inform us all about important environmental issues and ways we can be part of the solution!
Palamuti ni Autumn
— beautiful hand-crafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more! Plus, cute handpainted Earth bags, too! All by one of the most talented, most creative 10-year-olds we know. <3
Ubots (one of our favorites!!)
— “Ubots are robot charms welded from “techno detritus” (electronic & mechanical trash). UBots is a word sliced from the Filipino word “Abubot”, which means small decorative stuff, accessory or trinket; It also stands for “Upcycled Robots”.
It is more than a charm, it is a green inititative, a creative exercise in upcycling, & an appreciation of sentimental objects.”
Cookie Jar!
— homemade cookie treats baked with love by one of the youngest homebaker we know. At 14, she bakes yummy cakes, cookies and other baked treats in between homework and Justin Bieber Youtube videos! ;p The Cookie Jar will be setting up a banig for young ones to frost and decorate their own cookies for the weekend as well!

I checked out Palamuti ni Autumn’s site–they have interesting items.  But I’m especially curious about the Ubots!

More info on the Antipolo Earth Fest 2011 at, with activity schedules for the weekend, and also on the Antipolo Earth Fest 2011 facebook page.

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  1. Joey Ayala, too! 🙂 And many others! Lots of things happening for the weekend so we’re all so excited! Thanks for helping us spread the word about the EarthFest! See you there! 🙂

    P.S. Good luck on your own launch, dear! 😉

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