Green communities in our midst

I’m deeply thankful that green communities are sprouting and becoming “accessible” all over the Philippines.

In Antipolo, there is an active group of Earth-conscious artists, farmers, foodies and business owners called Duyang Luntian, which spearheads environmental campaigns in their respective communities, among which is the Antipolo EarthFest 2011 this April 30 and May 1.

In Palawan, my friend Pi of of Bahay Kalipay is also birthing the Maia Earth Village.  Been waiting for these mudhouses since November–glad to already see them up and so lovely!  Will get to visit this June, also very excited for that.

Maia Earth Village in Palawan
(Image from the Maia Community facebook album)


All this talk of green community is making me giddy for the Nuvali counterpart!   We’ll be the urban earth community not in the mountains but right smack in the plains and fields of the city, hopefully not just to benefit ourselves but to make everyday green living something relatable and replicable for all Filipinos. 😛

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