on being busy and still at once

Been crazy busy but just sending a short note to touch base and let you know I’m still alive 😛

Am in Bicol now with family, and it’s becoming very trying to be fully present to them while my mind is elsewhere, worrying about the Estela launch (it’s my new home and clothing shop–would love for you to to visit EstelaShop.com if you have time), pending real estate transactions, and permits etc. for my house construction (yes, we’re still in the Pre-construction phase!!  Talk about major delays, boooo! ).   Now I can relate to people needing boundaries between work and personal life— I’d like for lots of those please!!   But no complaints. Just feel incredibly spent, and every morning I wake up feeling just as tired as the night before 🙁 My raw food diet helps tons though, so am glad for that. 🙂

Hope you get to do whatever it is that needs doing this week– whether it be for work, family, God or yourself (pwede ba all of the above? hehe).  It’s a very solemn and powerful time to lift up whatever worries and dreams are in our hearts– let’s create the space to reconnect and just be still.


As an aside, here’s the poster invite to the launch of EstelaShop.com on April 30, Saturday.. Hope to see you there!

Estela Launch Invite

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