anti-pollution murals along EDSA

Great initiative from VP Binay, the MMDA, and Boysen Paints: The Everyone Deserves Safe Air (EDSA) Project.

Image by Danny Pata of gmanewstv


Curated by a team led by no less than  Marian Pastor Roces, a lovely vivacious woman I first heard speak during a discussion on Usbong, the Philippine Pavilion that won a gold medal for design in the World Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. Just seeing her name on the project made me read on with eager attention. She writes:

THE BOYSEN KNOxOUT PROJECT: EDSA is an initiative to lessen air pollution on the longest of Metro Manila’s internal thoroughfares, through the use of a breakthrough air-cleaning paint in large-scale artworks. The project was recently announced by the sole project sponsor Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines, with the support of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

Eight artworks, each about 1,000 square meters, will be painted in key areas of EDSA using the paint Boysen KNOxOUT, which transforms specific toxins in the atmosphere into safe elements. Project leaders say they “are in high spirits because of this strong mix of art and science” in an urban renewal venture.

Interesting to see that technology and art are now being used locally to join in the green brigade:

[Boysen KNOxOUT] is the first air cleaning paint in the world with CristalActiv photocatalytic technology, proven to neutralize the emissions of 10 cars per square meter painted. And the massive artworks to be featured in The EDSA Project are set to neutralize the emissions of cars passing through EDSA by 25%.

The project will run until early 2012 and started off with the May 7 inauguration of “Ganap” by social realist Jose Tence Ruiz (shown above).

Information and pictures from Artists attack EDSA: Street art on a grand scale (gmanewstv) and The Boysen KNOx-out Project EDSA: Urban renewal through science and art.

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