What’s new at Nuvali’s Solenad 1 and 2?

Solenad is the retail area by the man-made lake in Nuvali, made famous by the many kois happily swimming there (I’m sure you’ve seen countless pics of fishfeeding here!).

An expansion area (Solenad 2) is nearly completed, scheduled to be opened next month, June 2011.
Nuvali updates May 2011 (9)

Two of the initial confirmed merchants were Robinson’s Supermarket and True Value, but Ayala has now released a list of additional food and non-food shops in Solenad 2:

Nuvali updates May 2011 (10)

Happy to see Max’s on the list– perfect for chocolicious champorado cravings!

You can see that even shopping merchants are a match for the “active” lifestyle–Aloha Boardsports, Quicksilver, Roxy, All Flipflops, Stoked.  Would love to see more “green” establishments as well– and an organic market!

Further down the strip is a gas station, to be operated by Shell.

Nuvali updates May 2011 (12)

A transport terminal is also in the works, most likely next to the gas station:

Nuvali updates May 2011 (11)

Existing merchants in the original Solenad (now known as Solenad 1), are as follows:

Nuvali updates May 2011 (3)

Also sharing actual pics of these establishments taken last October 2010:

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

Solenad at Nuvali

I’m guessing the last four establishments–  Nature Trails Cafe, John Bamboo (is this a restaurant?), Claw Daddy and Uncle Cheffy– were opened after I took these shots last October 2010…

I remember being so upset that National Bookstore closed down–it’s always been a sanctuary of sorts for me since childhood.  At least there’s one next door in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, but hopefully another bookstore/supplies shop joins in the Solenad 2 fun.  Or better yet, please set up shop next to the villages inside Nuvali, perhaps next to Xavier School!

Exciting times ahead, just hope there is enough traffic to sustain all these businesses.  🙂

For more info on what there is to do in Nuvali, also read: 4 Things to do when you’re in Nuvali

8 Replies to “What’s new at Nuvali’s Solenad 1 and 2?”

  1. Claw Daddy at Nuvali is one of the worst RIP OFF experiences of my life. The prices for crab currently are: Medium Crab 500 – 700 g @ 125Php/100g, Big crab (700 – 900 g ?) was priced at 145/100 g while the Jumbo crab was even more expensive per weight (165/100g ?). Therefore, the larger the crab the more expensive by weight. My wife ordered a Medium Singapore Crab. NOT AVAILABLE ! They substituted 2 SMALL crabs ( 300g each) and charged the BIG crab price per weight. The cost for 600g was approximately 890 Php for 2 SMALL crabs. Going by THEIR bigger is more expensive and smaller is less expensive philosophy the SMALL crab should have been approximately 105 Php/100 g for a total cost of 630 Php. RIP OFF !!! I ordered a BBQ Chicken pizza. After extensive searching on the 6 piece pizza (approximately 9″ x 6″) I was able to locate exactly 4 (small) pieces of chicken totaling approximately 1 oz.
    In the future Claw Daddy will be my 2nd choice … ANYWHERE else will be my 1st choice !

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience.  Am always hopeful though, that businesses are out to stay in business and keep customers happy, so it’s best if you can also bring this concern to the attention of Claw Daddy management.  

    1. From nuvali.ph:

      Solenad 1 Shops and Restaurants:
      Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant -(049) 302-6050/55

      Yellow Cab Pizza Co. -(049) 502-6879

      Starbucks Coffee – (049) 302-6263

      Italianni’s Restaurant -(049) 502-6546/48

      David’s Tea House -(049) 5027575; 5025757

      Crisostomo -(049) 502-8106

      Domo Tomo – 09178080089

      Pig Out -(049) 502-6550

      Brother’s Burger -(049) 5440450

      Head Zone – (049) 502-9004

      John Bamboo

      Uncle Cheffy

      Claw Daddy

      One Evotech shops and restos:
      7-11BPI -(049) 502-4915 / (049) 502-5078

      Indulgence Day Spa -(049) 502-5885

      Kanin Get It -(049) 502-8187

      Reyes Barbeque -(049) 502-6795

      Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

  2. Hi I am wondering how much would be a rent for a 40 to 60 sq/m shop? I am  contemplating on putting up a business there like a Hair salon or an RTW shop? I am just a newbie and would want to start small in a good location.


    1. Hi Gel, suggest you contact Nuvali management directly.  Good luck!

      Hotline number: 0917-5-ASK-NUV (275-688)Evoliving center, NUVALI: (049) 302-60-88, (049) 302-60-91Fax number: (049) 302-60-90, (02) 750-6650e-mail address:ask@nuvali.ph

    1. Hi Shiela, there are a number of shops selling sports footwear in Solenad 2. Just drop by to check them out, maraming choices. 🙂

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