biomimicry in architecture

Do you know anyone (designer, artist, architect, professor) doing anything related to biomimicry in the Philippines?  Would love to learn more about this!

In any case, great green ideas from Michael Pawlyn on!  His three big steps forward in the sustainability revolution:

  • radical increases in resource efficiency
  • switch from a linear (i.e. wasteful) way of using resources to closed loop model
  • fossil fuel economy to solar economy

For all three, he says we should turn to nature’s genius for help (i.e. biomimicry).

Love the waterlily-inspired giant roof structures, and the idea of making money out of trash–it’s not just entrepreneurial but efficient!  Comments Liz McLellan:

One of the best things about closed loop thinking is one stops ignoring “waste” as something with no-value… It’s actually about squeezing every bit of value out of the way you operate.

Great principle applicable to any business, even households.

Did a quick search on biomimicry, noting down these sites for future reads:

Biomimicry Institute – a a free, open source project of the Biomimicry Institute to serve as the online inspiration source for the biomimicry community
Biomimicry projects on
Landscape Architeck: a compendium of new and noteworthy regarding the design of our built and natural environment.


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