What can you still buy in Avida Settings Nuvali?

All 4 Phases are open already, and I won’t be surprised if they sell out soon.

Here’s a rundown on the different offerings and what’s still available for sale:

Model Floor Area Price range Available Units
Thea 88sqm 4.1 – 4.9M 14
Maia 69sqm 3.1 – 4.6M 23
Celena 53sqm 2.4 – 4.2M 46
Lot only 102sqm – 203sqm 11,400 – 13,800/sqm 45

That’s a remarkable take up, considering that a significant number of those who bought are actually living in Avida already. The total saleable units for ASNU were 825 houses and 838 lots.

In Avida Settings, buyers of bigger lots are given an option of which house model to build on their lot (for a 224 square meter lot, for example, you can build any of the three models).  The figures above represent all remaining options for anyone who’s looking to buy now, so some lots were counted more than once.

I also plotted the remaining inventory on the map to get the big picture– let’s look at each Phase in Avida Settings Nuvali in my next posts.

If you’re looking to buy in Nuvali, now is the time, before everyone really starts coming in (and bringing the prices up with them)!  Solenad 2 is due to open this weekend, Republic Wakepark at the end of the year, and Xavier is eyeing June 2012 for their first school year opening.

It’s all happening!

Avida Settings Nuvali


Total area 43.5 hec
Lot sizes H&L: 113sqm – 220sqm        L: 102sqm – 203sqm
Price range H&L: 2.4M – 4.9M                 L: 11,400 – 13,800/sqm
Saleable units 825 units (838 lots)
Start of house construction 1st batch Phase 4 – April 2011

If you’d like more information on Avida properties or any of the lots in Nuvali, including commercial lots for sale, just send me a message at johanna@metrorealty.ph or 0920-9624116.

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