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Asha Peri was literally glowing with positive energy at last weekend’s raw food workshop –her first since she got back from a life transforming trip to Bali, and undoubtedly her best workshop so far.

First up were superfoods: spirulina, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao, goji berries, maca, bee pollen.  I love the idea of naturally-occurring superheroes in the plant world. These come up without fail in any conversation about natural health, but this was the first time I approached raw recipes from the mindset of having a superfood as the primary ingredient (imagine a super champorado!).

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She gave us a recipe for a super yumm superfood drink (lasang peppermint candy canes!)–apart from the green smoothie, it is the best no-hassle way to get all the nutrients in your body everyday.

I remember my first time in a raw kitchen back in 2004. Visited a self-taught raw chef in Madrid and saw jars and jars of spices and seeds of all sorts– it felt like I was in a sorcerer’s lab full of magic potions! Sharing pics of some of Asha’s magic potions:

Raw Workshop Asha Jul11 (7)

(Clockwise from upper left) Extra Virgin olive oil, tamari, nutritional yeast, psyllium husk, miso, himalayan salt, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar.

Below: spices spices spices!

Raw Workshop Asha Jul11 (9)

Another point that Asha raised was the importance of focusing on low glycemic index foods even if we’re eating raw already.  It didn’t occur to me that we have to regulate even healthy foods, especially those high in sugar, such as bananas (boo, I love bananas!).  Honey is the most obvious alternative to sugar for me, but here are others:

Raw Workshop Asha Jul11 (8)

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Visit The Lighter Side of Raw album to find out more about what we learned last weekend.

Fresh from 5 weeks of a raw chef certification course in Bali, Asha Peri is holding a series of raw weekend workshops that are not to be missed!

After a month-long transformative rest from my Bali trip, I am now ready to share my new knowledge and experience through a series of 10 weekend workshops called THE LIGHTER SIDE OF RAW starting July 16-17. There’s so much to share (and still learn) about raw food and conscious eating and this series is meant to wake you up to your own possibilities as a being of pure light through the food that you eat and the consciousness that you bring into your raw preparations, which you can also share with your family and friends.


A light-filled life to all,

Up next on July 30-31 is a raw response to the SAD (Standard Amercian Diet), with talks on what one should eat based on his Dosha Constitution.

For more information, visit Dahon Kusina on facebook or contact Asha Peri via or 916-0391 / 0917-8611212.

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