Nuvali street names

Notice the names of the streets in Avida Settings Nuvali, patterned after US sites and cities– Bridgeport, Fremont Peak, Blueridge, Mt. Rushmore.
Avida Settings Nuvali 25Jul11 (5)

Personally I would’ve preferred a more Pinoy context…

– Where do you live?
– Pechay St.

Haha 😛

But seriously, what other names would’ve worked?

Pinoy veggies or herbs: Welcome to Malunggay Ave., Turn left on Pandan St.
Pinoy nature terms: Ilog St., Batis Ave., Dagat St., Araw St.  <— pwede!
Pinoy animals:  Oso St.,  Kalapati St., Lawin St., Paru-paro St.
Pinoy trees would’ve been nice too (although I know a village in Pasig that already uses them):  Narra St., Mahogany, Tindalo, Ipil

On the upside, Avida’s current street names do lend a breezy feel to the place–snow references maybe?  At least we can imagine snowy peaks and stay cool when we start feeling the heat of summer again. 😛

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