Skyway to Nuvali

Skyway Jul11 (8)

Just a tip–if you’re taking the Skyway to Nuvali, make sure you stay on the right lane after you pass the Sucat exit. We once made the mistake of staying on the left and ended up in Alabang.

On another note, can’t help but smile every time I pass the Skyway.

Skyway Jul11 (6)
If you’re a first timer in Manila, and this skyway is what you see straight from the NAIA Terminal, you would be impressed.

A friend had a visitor from London who just mumbled in awe: “I wasn’t expecting this.”

It’s interesting to wonder what people do expect when they finally decide to visit our country for the first time; even balikbayan relatives get amazed by the skyscrapers and class AAA establishments we have in Fort and Makati.  It’s not the general impression they get from all the news they see on TV–usually sad news focusing on how poor and left behind we are, kawawa naman ang Pilipinas.

It will do us much good–individually and also collectively–to explore what makes our country beautiful, to include them in our everyday conversations with friends, family, workmates and to rally behind these gems, as much as we rally behind efforts to change the ugly.

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  1. HI. I know this is an old post.. was just browsing thru your site and saw this link. I thought they are building Skyway all the way to Nuvali (Sta Rosa or Mananplasan) hehe…  funny post… the EXACT SAME thing happened to us some months ago.. the traffic and wrong turns i took to get OUT of Alabang area cost me more time than i saved from taking the Skyway.. bummed me out.. LOL..  and same thing also happened to me before that… i was looking to exit Sucat and saw and passed the sign that says “Dr A Santos Avenue”, which I didnt know was Sucat, Everybody calls it Sucat, who the heck is Dr Santos???  Since that time they added  a small sign that says Sucat, and for South Station (what the heck is that) they added Alaband/Zapote road. Its also disorienting bec both exits are on the LEFT side, making you think its going straight, instead of curving to an exit to the RIGHT.. anyway, little pet peeve of mine, I thought it rather stupid of them not to think of putting in the popular name of the exits..
    But back to SKYWAY… do you think they will eventually extend it all the way to Sta Rosa or elsewhere for a faster trip to NUVALI? That would be awesome to travel back and forth from makati under 30 mins. (albeit its going to be costly bec of the Toll…)

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