Azkals surpise in Nuvali

I had no idea the Azkals were going to be in Nuvali to launch Solenad 2 last Saturday.

Azkals in Nuvali

As luck would have it, we dropped by just in time for the meet and greet with the boys. Apparently the first forty people to register at Solenad 2 Main Activity Area were given the chance to get their pictures taken with Aly Borromeo and Anton Del Rosario.

Azkals in Nuvali

Azkals in Nuvali

Since high school I’d hear Aly’s name from my younger brothers who were friends with him in La Salle. Even back then he seemed to be dead serious about soccer. Nice to see him all grown up, a rising celebrity at that.

This was the second time I got to see the Azkals in Nuvali–the first was for a Venare event in the Treveia clubhouse earlier this year (saw the Younghusband brothers). I’m way beyond the fangirl age, but what can I say, football is football and I’ll always be a fan.  🙂

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