Banggerahan-inspired window

My dad is the rah-rah boy for the banggerahan, a window and sink extension common in traditional Pinoy kitchens, and he asked for a banggerahan-inspired window to be installed in our Tagaytay house:

tagaytay 19jul11 (64)

tagaytay 19jul11 (67)

It comes in handy for displaying planters, or just for good old ventilation, similar to horizontal ventanillas we saw in Treveia’s green home:

Treveia Green Home 01Jul2011(5)

Treveia 26Jun2011 (27)

These vents let air through from the outside:

Treveia 26Jun2011 (26)

Treveia 26Jun2011 (30)

Ingenious modernization of tried and tested Pinoy architecture!


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