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Some interesting points from the the Xavier Nuvali brochure:

  •  Xavier School Nuvali will have 25% of its students on scholarship.  Programs will be designed “to enable the presence of these scholars to have a transforming influence on the culture of the school as a whole.”
  • XS Nuvali will be a co-divisional school. The campus will accept both boys and girls, but they will be educated separately.
  • Focus on learning Chinese as a foreign language
  • Flexible curriculum provides various enrichment and remedial courses depending on the capacity and interest of each student
  • envisioned as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School
  • will adopt the Singapore method and curriculum in Science and Math, with a thrust on problem-solving and inquiry to promote critical thinking
  • envisioned to be a digital school, with proper IT infrastructure and equipment and 1-to-1 computer-based instruction
  • facilities (first phase): one school building and gym
  • future developments: buildings for Primary School, Middle School, and High School; library building, auditorium, administration building, provision for residences and dormitories

I don’t have children to go school-hunting for (not yet!), but reading about these plans makes me want to be part of this promising community of teachers, parents and students at the heart of Nuvali. A school is a cornerstone in any neighborhood and I have high hopes for the energy that Xavier Nuvali will bring into the Nuvali community as a whole. As their brochure reads, “The journey begins in 2012!”

You can also view the complete brochure here:
Xavier School Nuvali Brochure

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