How do you pick your house’s outfit?

I remember a trick my friend taught me on how to handle a common fashion dilemma: having nothing to wear.  The secret, she said, was to pick the shoes first.  Let them make the outfit–use their colors, texture, etc as the defining guide, and then pick out the top or bag or accessories to come up with an outfit that works.

I don’t know what the shoe equivalent for a house is, but need to find it asap– I’m building my first home and have less than two months to figure out my indoor theme.

The plan is to make it as green a home as possible, so there’s the push for a clean, uncluttered feel (i.e. minimalist). On the other hand, I love color, and would be happy if my home carried the warmth of reds, oranges, and purples in inviting, screaming strokes.   When my architect asked me what look I wanted, the best I could come up with was Modern Mexican.

When I’m facing a blank canvas, often times I just grab the brush, wet it with paint and get spontaneous.  It’s an altogether different story for a house, but I figured it’s always best to start with my givens. What’s already before me?

I think I was Estela’s first ever customer– patronize your own, right?  I was so in love with these pillows, I bought them for myself.  Those velvet cushions at the back literally floored me.  They were so inviting I just had to sit on them.  I also got the big pink square one– I felt the love that went into making the fabric and thought it would be great to have that love in my home. :)

Little by little I’ll have to add more pieces to these… but just looking at them helps me visualize the rest of the space.  Looks like I’ll be having yellows, golds, reds…and also their neutral friends, just so there’s room to “breathe”.    I’ll work on getting a moodboard up soon.

What do you think?  How do you go about choosing your house or room’s general look?


P.S. If you also want those Estela pillows in your living room–you’re in luck because they’re on sale now! Click here to take a look.