Nooks and crannies

I’ve always had a soft spot for nooks and crannies.

Hidden spaces turned into showcase areas, utility or storage space–whatever the owner fancies–these unexpected “bumps” in a house always felt warm to me, much like how a loved one’s imperfections end up so endearing.

tagaytay 19jul11 (76)

We didn’t have an architect for our houses in Tagaytay, and my mom pretty much let my dad have his way in designing them.

I recently noticed these unplanned nooks and cranies– what gems!  I can already picture different ways of sprucing them up. 🙂

tagaytay 19jul11 (75)

tagaytay 19jul11 (74)

The Nuvali house will be in the finishing stage in one month (if all goes as planned).

On one hand, I would love for the house to be seamless, flowing in one fluid motion, every space accounted for, which is especially critical because of its compact size.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind seeing nooks and crannies like these come September.

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