Soon to rise in Nuvali: a hotel and an events place

Two exciting developments are coming to Nuvali!

Development#1: Ayala is planning to build a hotel in Nuvali under its boutique hotel brand, Kukun.

Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates

I did a quick search ( never fails) and found out Kukun’s first hotel is slated to open in Bonifacio Global City in Q2 of 2012.   Sites for other Kukun hotels in the pipeline (five in total for 2011): Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Quezon City and Alabang.

Another hotel in Nuvali is also planned inside the Republic Wakepark:

Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates


Development #2:   Ayala is building an events place next to the lake and commercial district.

Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates

Set to open in 2012 — the Events Place is a 2,500 square meter space that’s meant to provide a venue for a wider range of group activities in Nuvali.  Maybe it will be the next best thing to a theater or cinema!  What’s a concert venue equivalent with that size?

On the map you can also see the commercial district called the Lakeside Evozone (lots in orange, aqua, light green and yellow). Further east, new lots will be opened come September (28 new lots in total).   Contact me directly at or 0920-9624116 if you would like updates on these commercial lots.

All in all, I think this whole area– the “entrance” to Nuvali– is becoming  really interesting.  I always see people walking leisurely around the lake, riding the water taxis (I have yet to do this! Last I heard it costs P30 for a ride one-way), or just picnicking on the grass.  It’s a lovely sight and I would definitely love to see more foot traffic in this part of Nuvali.




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