Venare Phase 1 pics — it’s looking great!

My brother Pete and I went around Nuvali today just to check out what’s new — Venare is really looking good!

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (11)

That’s the main gate for Phase 1 under construction, with the beginnings of the Green Zone already showing at the back.

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (6)

Here’s a closer pic of the main gate.   It’s a four-lane entrance, with two lanes already started.

I took another shot of the Green Zone last Saturday, from the road leading to Avida Village, and I was surprised to notice trees jutting out of the hills:

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (4)

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (5)

Hope they used local trees for that section of the Green Zone.

Also noticed the new white fencing:

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (9)

Looks like they’re going to install vertical plants similar to Treveia’s perimeter wall.

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (1)

More shots from to the right of Phase 1, towards the future mall:

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (12)

Those four towers shown below (at the back) are the water reservoirs for the community.  The line of concrete wall at the middle is the boundary of the future mall– to its left you can see construction ongoing as well, most likely for the Central Park of Venare.

Venare, Nuvali Aug2011 (14)

Beautiful, beautiful terrain.    And today there was fog!

Venare is still my favorite place in Nuvali. 🙂

My brother took panoramic shots — watch out for his guest post here soon.



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