Why Ayala has my vote

While searching for info on the upcoming Kukun hotel in Nuvali, I found this update on Ayala’s hotel and tourism investments from the President’s Report for the Ayala Land, Inc. Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2011:

Kukun Hotels

I started investing in Ayala stocks recently, so I went through the rest of the President’s Report with special interest, but it’s a great read nonetheless.  If anything, it offers reassurance to those of us who have invested in Nuvali– whether directly or by sharing in the collective vision for the place– that we have invested in something that’s part of a wider and just as impressive development umbrella.

Ayala's activity levels for 2011


I was particularly amazed at the simultaneous mixed-use projects going on all over Metro Manila:

Ayala's Vertis North


Ayala's QC mixed-use development

Ayala's UP University town

Ayala's West Makati mixed-use development


I keep talking about this book, Triumph of the City, only because it has rewired how I think about cities and development in general, also lifestyles and efficiency (i.e. prosperity).   Am getting giddy just reading about all these mixed-use development plans with localized lifestyles in mind (self-contained as much as possible), also because I now understand more why these are crucial in creating hotspots for conversations and the innovative exchange of ideas, which is the primary gift and function of cities.

The magic words in Ayala’s plans: high-rises catering to middle income brackets (Avida), transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly.

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