Miriam College Nuvali – Official announcement

My niece goes to Miriam for Grade 1 and she was the one who actually got so excited about seeing the Miriam College signs in Nuvali last week.  Here’s the memo we got from President Rosario Lapus just a few days ago:

I am happy to announce that the Miriam College Board of Trustees recently approved the proposal to establish another Miriam College campus in a 15-hectare property in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Summarizing the key points:

  • MC-Nuvali is slated to open in 2014 with Grades 1 and 2, and High School 1st and 2nd years
  • Higher education will begin on the 5th year
  • Development will proceed in stages, and will take 10 years
  • Campus site is 15 hectares in size
  • Green features:
    • 50% of the campus will be dedicated to open spaces
    • sensitive to existing terrain, climate and environment
    • use of sustainable energy sources
    • water use efficiency
    • waste management facilities

It’s very encouraging that more institutions are putting their confidence in Nuvali.  In 5 years, who knows how this area will look like?


Read the official Miriam College memo below:
Miriam College Nuvali

Miriam College Nuvali (1)


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    1. Sorry no map specific to Miriam, but it is in Nuvali South very near Venare. I’ll try to plot it on an existing map. 🙂

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