More on Cebu’s amazing South Road Properties

Got really curious after I first posted about the Cebu SRP— now sharing more info and pics I found online.

From the ADB report on Eco-Park Development in the Philippines (June 2009):

Beautiful vision.  To be a showcase for green technology is something I also wish for Nuvali.

And I especially like that last bit: “The provision of attractive open space and public areas for the enjoyment of locals is a vital component of the project.”

This is something I think we need more of in Nuvali– freewheeling open spaces that are literally open to the public.  Those that invite gatherings and events that don’t have the manufactured (oftentimes commercial) nature of business-led developments.   There are other great ideas from people who care about Nuvali that echo this sentiment.

I already said that what I find most amazing about Cebu’s SRP is that it’s a government-led project.  I for one would love to see more participation from the local government of Laguna in the development of Nuvali as a thriving, organic community.

(These are actual site pics from the SRP facebook page)

What’s the government’s game plan for the SRP?

The total reclaimed area for the project is 300 hectares, which is small compared to Nuvali’s 1,800 hectares.  If I remember right, Nuvali’s allocation for its office and business district alone (partly where The Fields is now) is 400 hectares!

Here’s the recommended zoning for the SRP from the ADB report:

I’m curious about the “Open Space/Tourism” category– maybe it’s meant for a stadium, concert hall, indoor arena?

Compare that to the actual:  Current locators include SM, Filinvest, Big Foot (a film-making facility), UP Cebu, and a Korean entity (?).

(Image from the SRP facebook page)

I’m not a fan of malls in general, but anyone who will look at this plan for the SM Mall in SRP (image from skyscrapercity) is bound to be impressed!

SM Seaside City Cebu (from skyscrapercity)

– P 4.5-billion ultra-modern 4-storey mall
– 3rd SM mall in Cebu after SM City Cebu and SM Consolacion
– target date of completion: 2Q of 2013
– iconic 100-meter viewing tower
– glass cube w/ LED lights
– over 800 food and retail outlets
– roof garden
– food court
– ice skating rink
– 18-lane bowling center
– IMAX theater with over 500 seating capacity
– five 300-seat movie theaters
– separate theater for stage plays, concerts and a covered event area
– SM Hypermarket and 2-level SM Department store
– covered parking lot with 2,000 slots

All in all it sounds exciting, especially after reading Triumph of the City, which renewed my faith in “building up” and in the objective value of high density urban areas.   But as an “outsider” who has yet to explore Cebu, I know that I “don’t know any better.”

All this information is on paper– it would be great to talk to friends from Cebu and hear the low down from the locals themselves.  It seems some people aren’t very happy with the Filinvest design.

Have you been to the SRP?  Do you know people who are part of the existing community there, if any?

More pictures from flickr:

Cebu City SRP

From skyscrapercity:

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  1. I actually want this as a new post but dunno how.   I am interested to see the vicinity and surrounding areas of Nuvali after heavy rains.  Any one has pictures to share?

    1. I wasn’t in Nuvali during the height of the Habagat rains last week, but here are some pics of Nuvali Blvd. after a downpour:

      There are areas where water collects, such as the main entrance of Treveia, but I think it’s already being addressed by Nuvali management (one can see the beginnings of canals being dug up along Nuvali Blvd).

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