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I visited the Avida Settings Nuvali administration office last Friday, and found out that association dues for ASNU homeowners will be collected at P5.74 /sqm effective next year. Engr. Vic advised that out of 1,670 units in Avida Settings Nuvali, 912 units or 60% have already been turned over, which means we are well beyond getting free association dues. It has also been the practice of Avida to start off homeowners’ associations with seed money to manage the village, but HLURB recently discontinued this practice, hence the urgency to collect.

Anyone with info on the current dues for Abrio, Treveia, and Montecito?


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  1. Hi… Is the figure above per year or per month? … And would you happen to know if this will be billed monthly or yearly? Thanks in advance!

    1. Figure above is monthly, no info yet on when they’re payable, but standard practice is that discounts are given to those who will pay for the dues one year in advance 🙂 “Sent via BlackBerry from Smart”

        1. I don’t think there’s been any official announcement on it, else we also would’ve gotten something in the mail. 

          I think it’s a reasonable rate though.  And if we as homeowners (through our Board of Directors) get to generate alternative sources of income for the village  via rental of amenities, etc., we can review the figures later on.  

          1. Hi Ana/Tia, Aside from parking on the street, I guess visitors can park in the clubhouse and take a short walk to your house. One reason why I also chose to locate within walking distance from the perimeter is that my guests can park along the perimeter wall without obstructing anyone– some areas in ASNU can get crowded when cars are parked on the street.

          2. hi!… i know… my mom was telling me about that as well… it only occured to me that the ASNU houses was designed with single car parking…  how about if you had 2 cars? .. i also hope there are ample parking space if you have a function in the clubhouse…  hmmm was just wondering (nothing better to do.. =) )… Thanks again Johanna!


          3. Hi Anna 🙂  
            Minimum requirement I saw on the Deed of Restrictions is one car park per house. Some houses are flushed back to allow for more parking slots– you’ll see this in Thea units along the Green Ribbon. 🙂  I saw one such house that converted its front garden to accommodate three cars. 

    1. Yes, all properties are covered by the monthly dues. Final amount is P7.16/sqm/month. You can still avail of a discount if you pay the full annual amount by March 2013.

  2. Hi po, ask ko lang kahit ba di pa tapos yung pagbabayad ng 20% down payment sa property o kahit wala pa naitatayo bahay ay kailangan na naming magbayad ng Association dues? Salamat

    1. Hi! From what I understand once the property has been turned over to you, dues are demandable already. You can clarify this with Avida 🙂

  3. thanks Johanna. As what I have said, the property is not ours yet/been turned over to us for we’re not even finished paying the 20% down payment, so how come? Well thanks again, I’ll just ask Avida regarding this.

    1. Hi Jose Mari,
      Reposting here a message I sent to you on facebook, in case it’s also helpful to others:

      Two things–

      1. The village management was turned over by Ayala to the Homeowners Association in Jan 2013, so association dues have been collected from all property owners (whether house or vacant lot owners) starting 2013. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living there already or not, as long as you own a property in Avida Settings, you have to pay your dues.

      2. I think technically whoever owns the property should shoulder the dues. If the Deed of Sale has been executed, then you are the new owner and dues should be paid by you. If you bought the property directly from Avida (not from the secondary market) and under installment, then maybe you can ask Avida to take care of the dues until you have paid a substantial amount and the property is officially turned over to you.

      Hope the above helps!


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