What are the schools in and around Nuvali?

So far, three schools have committed to set up shop inside Nuvali:  Xavier School, Everest Academy by the Legionnaires of Christ, and just recently, Miriam College.

Some days ago I saw a tweet about Poveda supposedly locating in Nuvali as well, and I excitedly turned to old classmates and teachers for confirmation.  No truth to it as far as they know, boo.  But  who knows, right? Anything can happen. 🙂

Another chismis I’ve heard is that De La Salle University (DLSU) is looking to make the Canlubang site its main campus.  Got this from a parent who has a high schooler in St. Scholastica’s Westgrove.  Anyone able to confirm this? Will also try to look into it.

As far as schools are concerned, here’s a list of what’s available in the Sta. Rosa-Canlubang area surrounding Nuvali (dark blue circles on the map):

*Updated as of April 2014
Pre-school and Elementary
High school
College, Graduate  School

Did I miss a school?  Who else do you want to see in Nuvali?

If you were  a parent, where would you send your kids to school in the Nuvali area?

Interesting links:
SSCW Family Day 2007 blog – put up by parents, organizers; shows such a vibrant community!
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14 Replies to “What are the schools in and around Nuvali?”

  1. There’s also Learning Links Academy, a Multiple Intelligences School in South Forbes area, just about 5 km from Nuvali.

  2. Hi! I’d also like to share there’s a legitimate international school much nearer than Brent – The Beacon Academy. It is located along the Cecilia Araneta Parkway, accessible either from Ayala Westgrove Heights or from the Laguna Technopark (behind Metrobank).

  3. Hi! Eight years ago I heard of plans for a Chiang Kai Shek College campus up in the area (somewhere in South Forbes). Would you know the status of this?

    1. There was already a postings in Exit of South Forbes along Sta Rosa Tagayaty Rd soon Chiang Kai Shek College in tarpaulin announcement

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