Ready for furniture shopping at Manila FAME

So excited for this!  It will be my first time at a CITEM trade show, and what a first time it will be– I’m coming in as an actual buyer and not just an usi or usisera.

Thanks again to my trusty friend, Claudine, for the heads up! 🙂

The fair will run for four days starting this Sunday, October 16, 2011.   More info and online registration at the Manila FAME International website.

UPDATE: Just called the Manila FAME Sectretariat (833-1258) and was advised that pre-registration to the trade fair is now closed.  Admission is at P500/day.



Architectural Components

Interior/Exterior Architectural moldings and millwork, columns and capitals, balustrades, wrought iron components, pressed tin and stamped steel ceiling tiles, brass tubing and fittings, period and contemporary hardware, plaster architectural elements, fireplace surrounds, etc.

Arts & Crafts

Local items including handicrafts, textile/fabrics for product applications (merchandise, both fashion and non-fashion, that uses indigenous materials made from natural fibers), handmade paper (made from handmade paper that uses natural fibers and recycled paper), basketry, and woodcarving, among others.


Movables that are both functional and decorative that distinguish the various settings of the home or any building structure (home/office); includes household, office and contract furniture, as well as furniture components.

Garden Accessories

Items for the garden such as tools, planters, pots, decor items.

Home Décor

Items for home interior that are functional or decorative. Dividers, door/floor mats, umbrella stands, decorative wall hangings and antique reproductions, among others, excluding picture and mirror frames, and art objects.

Kitchen & Tableware

Articles for the kitchen and dining table that are either functional or decorative.

Lamps & Lighting

Lamps, lighting fixtures and accessories to illuminate the home which can be both functional and decorative. Mirror & Picture Frames Home accessories for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. made of wood, metal, plastics and natural materials.

Visual Arts

Paintings, framed pictures and sculptures.



Containers, storage, packaging materials, etc.

Christmas & Other Holiday Decorations

Seasonal decorations with designs associated with holiday occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

Gifts and Premium Items

Generally given as a gift or items used as souvenirs and tokens for any occasion, including gift packaging materials.

Stationery & Desk Accessories

Table/desk accessories like pencil holders, filers, notepads, stationery sets, as well as writing instruments.

Toys, Games & Dolls

Merchandise for entertainment, education and recreation of both children and adults, including collectibles like model cars and others.

Personal Care Products

Personal care includes products as diverse as colognes, deodorant, eyeliner, lipstick, lotion, makeup, mouthwash, pomade, perfumes, shampoo, shaving cream, skin cream, cleansing pads and wipes, lip gloss, and toothpaste, as well as handmade soaps made of natural materials.

Votives and Candles

Votives or candles that are decorative/ functional articles in homes and spas.

Spa Products

Restorative merchandise of marine origin both natural and processed: aquatic plants, salt, dirt, components of marine animals, as well as other natural products, such as plant extracts, essential oils, enzyme, vitamins, food supplements, etc.


Costume Jewelry

Body adornments made of materials other than gold, silver, and precious/semi-precious stones.

Fashion Complements

Fashion enhancers, usually worn in parts of the body or attached to clothing, they may also be carried as part of an overall look or may serve practical purposes.

Fine Jewelry

Body adornments made of gold, silver, and precious/semiprecious stones.


Fashion wearable for men and ladies made of leather, manmade materials, or indigenous/natural fibers.


Fashion enhancers made of leather or combining leather and natural/synthetic materials; may also be carried as part of the overall look or may serve practical purposes.

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