Commuting to Nuvali (as of January 2012)

Here’s the latest update on the Nuvali Transport Terminal, which went on soft opening last November 2011:

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (1)

Serviced routes now include Nuvali – Ortigas, Alabang Town Center, Balibago and Makati.
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (2)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (4)
The Transport Terminal is also accessible from the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay road, and if you ask for route info, guards by the entrance hand out these flyers…
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (7)
which detail shuttle schedules and pick up/drop off points:
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (6)

Seeing the very empty terminal, I asked the guard on duty if these schedules are actually followed, and he gave me these numbers to contact, just be to sure:
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (3)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (5)

I read on the Facebook fanpage of Nuvali that the shuttle to and from Ortigas costs P85 one way.   Would be great if anyone could actually confirm this– if true, it sure beats my driving cost  of P900 roundtrip.

Time to commute to Nuvali!

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  1. I guess the guard always had the same questions from Nuvali residents, that’s why he took the initiative of writing this information in hi logbook.  The terminal is always actually empty.  Some tricycles actually park in it sometimes.  I would have hoped that at least jeeps to Balibago are aplenty.  So for now, it’s either a tricycle (PhP 20) or jeep from Tagaytay (PhP 13) to Balibago.  (I just read the FREE ride from RS Supermarket to Paseo; saves 3 PhP from the tricycle fare.)

    1. Thanks Ryan!  Musta bahay?  Tapos na landscaping? 🙂  

      Quick q: Tricycle fare from Paseo to Nuvali is Php3? For someone commuting from Nuvali to Makati, option now is to go via Balibago?  Is there also a jeep from Balibago to Tagaytay that can drop you off Nuvali?

  2. The P85 fare to Ortigas is great news! Hope this is true.. At least there are ready vehicles that can transport people.. there might not be enough passengers right now. But this is a good start.

    1. Agree, increasing the volume of passengers would be the main drive for shuttle operators to keep a regular schedule.   When Xavier opens  in June for sure there will be a steadier stream of people going to and fro Nuvali, but I hope something gets the ball rolling sooner!

  3. the Makati bus (630AM) is a hoax or not consistent. Earlier i was in the terminal and the bus was not there. there were a few who were waiting but left because it’s near 7Am and still not there. This should be looked at or brought to Nuvali Admins attention

    1. I think another solution would be to attract Makati-Nuvali shuttle van operators, so people don’t have to depend on buses for that route. 

  4. Hi Johanna, saw your blog as i was searching the net if the nuvali terminal is actually being used. good to see that it is. Can anyone confirm though that the van from nuvali to atc is actually following the 4pm-7pm time frame for the afternoon? thanks for the numbers din! 🙂

  5. I just got word from one of the listed drivers with contact info that there are no more straight trips from atc to nuvali.. haaay.. just kinda hard to transfer specially for kids..

  6. hi i just want to ask if may mga byahe pa from nuvali to tagaytay ng 10pm onwards.. aattend kasi kame ng party at nuvali and we are planning to stay at tagaytay for the night but we don’t have our own car.. thanks…

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