Elaro update – gently rolling lots in Nuvali

Elaro Nuvali Dec 2011

Late last December, I got to visit the newly opened Elaro sales tent on-site (pictured above), which sits on an elevated lot facing the Amenity Core or main park.

Elaro was launched in early August 2011, and three months after, by  mid-November, we were already sifting through lots for sale in Tranche #3.

What makes Elaro extra beautiful in my book?  I already wrote about its rolling terrain and abundant trees, but I think it worthwhile to point out again that Elaro is located in a beautiful part of Nuvali Central that’s bounded by a bird and wildlife sanctuary.   No fail, whenever I visit the site, I see birds in interesting shapes and sizes, but most heart-tugging of all is the variety of birdcalls.

The next time you’re in the area, roll down your windows and just take in the symphony of birdsong — it will really transport you to another place. 🙂

If you’re interested in the latest lot availability in Elaro, click below.


Also read this project brief on Elaro.

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