How are Avida houses in Nuvali made?

Ever since I started building the house, I’ve been more interested in different construction methods and techniques. I’ve also documented, whenever I could, the way the different house models (Celena, Maia, Thea) were being constructed by Ayala subcontractors in Avida Settings Nuvali.

Thought to put them together here for everyone’s benefit, also prompted by a recent exchange on the Skyscrapercity-Nuvali thread:

Concrete slabs for the Celena next door
Avida Settings Nuvali Sept2011 (5)

Flooring works
Avida Settings Nuvali (8)

Papa looking at ongoing construction of a Thea in Phase 4:
Avida Settings Nuvali (9)

Avida Settings Nuvali (36)

Insulation and roofing:
Avida Houses, Nuvali January 2012 (6)

Avida Houses, Nuvali January 2012 (1)

A Celena unit nearly done:
Avida Houses, Nuvali January 2012 (5)

Avida Settings Nuvali 26Jun11 (8)

Exterior finishing:

Avida Settings Nuvali lot turnover

3 Replies to “How are Avida houses in Nuvali made?”

    1. Advantages of getting a house and lot unit:
      – no need to go through design approvals/ building permits
      – you get to build your house on flexible payment terms (vs. outright cash if you hire your own contractor)

      Cost-wise, Avida’s pricing for house and lot packages is very competitive.   When I was canvassing  for contractors, cost per square meter I got ranged from P19,000 to P24,000.

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