Getting the wood grain look

When it comes to finishing my doors and cabinets, am very thankful for Mang Romy, who is skilled in giving any piece of wood that beautiful hardwood look just by painting lines to resemble wood grain or haspe:

My Nuvali Home Construction 20Apr2012 (2)

The door primed in yellow before the wood grain finish:
My Nuvali Home Construction 1Apr2012 (55)

Stained (first coat):
My Nuvali Home Construction 18Apr2012 (7)

Here’s Mang Romy working his magic on shelving in the bedroom:

My Nuvali Home Construction 20Apr2012 (3)

He’s also transformed these ordinary wooden cabinet doors into textured ones with a softer and more natural look:

My Nuvali Home Construction 1Apr2012 (39)

My Nuvali Home Construction 18Apr2012 (6)

As an aside, I came across this gem of a document on scribd while searching for the correct spelling of haspe — uploaded by Zy-rah de Chavez (thank you!):

english-tagalog construction terms

Very handy, thank you again to Zy-rah de Chavez for sharing.

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  1. Hi Johanna, i’m fascinated sa bahay mo ang ganda and ang galing nung mga concept!
    Just a question, can you give me a rough estimate ng nagastos mo sa mga wood works like yung mga cupboard, cabinets and mga wall designs?
    Also para sa pagppintura specifically katulad nung mga pagpapaint ni Mang Romy? Me and my wife kasi has bought this small townhouse sa Amaia (Ayala Land project as well na nasa Batino) na matuturn-over na sa amin this August.
    I hope you can give me a rough estimate kasi wala talaga kami idea magkano kaya yung mga ganyan.

    Thanks in advance and God bless sayo and sa bahay mo…^_^

    1. Hi Danielle, the cabinets came with the house cost, so I wouldn’t know the specifics, but I suggest you contact Mang Romy 
      0947-771 9920 for more info.  Best of luck on your Amaia home!  Ang bilis, August na turn over!

      1. House cost, means when you buy your house kasama na yung interior cabinets and design? Also the painting ni Mang Romy kasama na rin?
        Thanks for your tips and assistance by the way…^_^

          1. w0w! that’s great, yung sa amin kasi di kasama. huhuhu… so basically kami pa magpapagawa kaya din siguro mabilis ang turn-over.
            anyway thanks for the this blog and number of Mang Tony, i’ll try to reach him and ask about it.
            Though in 3-5yrs time likely magiging medyo magkapitbahay din tayo when we have transfer to Georgia…^_^

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